A Tradition

Our History

GOURMET NANTEL Inc. was founded in 1979 by a pair of young shop owners, Claude and Francine Nantel.  They had noticed that when Francine first placed a plate of homemade fudge creams on the counter and asked 25 cents a-piece, the plate was empty by noon.  So she made more the next day, and the day after that.  And yes, every day, her fudge creams would sell out.  Because they were unique and they were delicious.  Some time later, to the Nantel’s delight, a local distributor asked if he could add Francine’s now-famous fudge creams to his line of sweets.  And so the adventure began.  Today, GOURMET NANTEL is based in a modern, 18 600 sq. ft. facility in Sainte-Julie’s Casavant industrial park on Montreal’s south shore.  And Tradition Ste-Julie cream fudge is marketed coast to coast across Canada, and in several points of sale in the United States.

Our Commitment

At GOURMET NANTEL, we have been making authentic Tradition Ste-Julie fudge creams since 1979.  A true original, our fudge creams are the delectable result of an expertise that has been passed down through three generations.  Although at the core, we still follow our family’s traditional methods, GOURMET NANTEL has nonetheless evolved with changing times and tastes.  Over the years, we have refined our methods and mastered the art of transforming cream into a little bite of heaven to satisfy the ever-growing demand.  So it is a happy mix of innovation and tradition that make Tradition Ste-Julie the ultimate fudge creams. Today, after modest beginnings -- and innumerable kettles -- GOURMET NANTEL has become the premier producer of fudge creams in the world.